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2013 Australia Study Abroad

August 1, 2013

Student Blog Update: Australia Wrap-Up

Downtown Sydney at night

It’s been a marvelous trip and I’m sad to see it at an end. We finished our research and presented our work to all the wonderful folks who helped and encouraged us along. It was an experience of a lifetime and definitely am very happy to have done it.

Student Blog Update: The Great Barrier Reef

Haneen Al-Hassani Underwater

What should I say about the Great Barrier Reef…IT WAS AWESOME! We all ended up snorkeling…I was a bit chicken so I stayed back but everyone loved it and it was so fun watching the group float on that water. I remember the last group saying the weather wasn’t all that great but it was marvelous when we went up there.

July 12, 2013

Student Blog Update: Research in Moreton Bay

Boat going in

The day dawned and we packed, got in the cars and went down to Moreton Bay. The view from the ferry was beautiful. We got to Moreton Bay Research Center and dropped our bags and the groups got ready to set out and gather data.

Student Blog Update: Busy Week in Brisbane

Virtual Aquarium

Hey guys! It’s been one busy week! We went to visit the aboriginal museum and learned quite a bit of Australian history. The aboriginals are the natives of Australia and were treated unfairly for quite some time. They’ve only recently gained rights – around the mid to late 1900s

July 5, 2013

Student Blog Update: Money Conflicts

Australian $20 bill

Money—an aspect of life that affects people no matter where they may end up, anywhere across the world. When I first arrived at the airport in Brisbane, Australia the lobby was full of different ATM’s and currency exchange locations ready to charge a hefty fee in order to change one’s money to the local currency.

June 29, 2013

Student Blog Update: Culture Shock

Brisbane, The River City

Australia—the mission to make it to this amazing continent was extremely long and exhausting. After spending about seven total hours in airports waiting for my flights and about 16 hours in the air I finally made it to my destination Brisbane, Australia.

June 28, 2013

Student Blog Update: Meet Australia Blogger Luis Gonzales

Luis Gonzales

Hello everyone, my name is Luis Gonzales and I just completed my freshman year here at the University of Washington. I am pursuing a degree in either Civil or Mechanical Engineering and have found an amazing opportunity to gain more experience in engineering—an Australian Study Abroad!

June 26, 2013

Student Blog Update: Arriving in Australia

Haneen Al-Hassain Arrives to Australia

Hey Readers! Hopefully I end up being your guys’ favorite blogger. I’m part of an amazing group going to Australia with me. I was pretty excited to go to Brisbane for my Study Abroad and afterwards we’ll be spending two days in Sydney. So exciting!