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June 26, 2013

Student Blog Update: Arriving in Australia

by Haneen Al-Hassani

Hey Readers! Hopefully I end up being your guys’ favorite blogger. I’m part of an amazing group going to Australia with me. I was pretty excited to go to Brisbane for my Study Abroad and afterwards we’ll be spending two days in Sydney. So exciting!

So the plan here is we will be conducting research with an autonomous robot called the Ecomapper. We’ll be conducting our research at Moreton Bay with these machines.

First day we ended up getting a tour of the University we will be studying at, QUT, and a tour of the robotics labs. They have an amazing botanical garden here with various types of plants and birds. We also ended up enjoying ourselves an awesome rugby game – it’s as big as football in America and great to watch.

Anyways so far the first few days were great fun!

2013 Australia Study Abroad - Brisbane

Arriving to Brisbane

2013 Australia Study Abroad - Robotics Building

Robotics Building

Australia Study Abroad 2013 - Rugby Game

Rugby Game

2013 Australia Study Abroad - Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens

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