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Student Blog Update: Australia Wrap-Up

by Haneen Al-Hassani

It’s been a marvelous trip and I’m sad to see it at an end. We finished our research and presented our work to all the wonderful folks who helped and encouraged us along. It was an experience of a lifetime and definitely am very happy to have done it.

We headed out to Sydney the day after our presentations and I was jumping with excitement just to see what it was like. Our first day there we headed out an amazing amazing robotics laboratory at the nearby University. The one that really got me was using robotics as an art form. The robot itself is supposed to be able to move around and interact in the area it’s designated in and it can look pretty real too. Definitely a new twist to art!

After our fill of robotics we headed back and some of the group ended up catching on those zzzz’s and the other went out to explore the city. It was gorgeous! It had a flavor of Europe to it and the Opera House at night was spectacular, definitely if one were to go to Sydney checking out the Opera House and the city at night is a must. So many lights and downtown was fun to explore. The next day we all ended up hopping onto a tour bus and checked out the city. We learned quite a bit of history. We ended up getting off at the Opera House and walked around and took a look at it – in daylight this time. We noticed a wonderful botanical garden nearby and hopped on the Choo Choo express – a nice train that gives you a tour of the gardens. The guide was spectacular; we ended up learning quite a bit! I could probably spend days there and it still wouldn’t be enough, it was just so large! We ended the day with a bit of shopping and yummy sushi.

Downtown Sydney at nightCompassChoo Cho ExpressOpera House at nightSydney bus tourSydney bus tour

I’ll really miss Australia and knowing me, will come back sometime later in the future. The study abroad was an amazing experience and I just wish I could send a billion thanks to everyone who helped me get there. The faculty was amazing and the group we had was great! My journey has surely ended but the experiences, memories and joy I received from being there will follow me throughout.

PS:Thank you Coimbra Jackson for letting me borrow some of the photos.

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