University Marketing & Communications

E-mail versus print

Use print if:

  • It has shelf-life value
  • Absolute consistency of appearance is important
  • You know your audience doesn’t use or doesn’t respond well to e-mail

Use e-mail if:

  • The turnaround time is tight
  • Money is tight
  • You need to contact your audience frequently

Factors to Consider

  • Before you go for the “cheaper” e-mail solution, talk to UW Creative Communications about ways to do print economically
  • Do a hybrid approach:
    • Small print run for high-value, non-technical target audience
    • Send e-mail to everybody
  • Get feedback:
    • Ask your constituents how they want to receive info
    • Keep an eye on e-mail performance metrics; make sure it’s helping you achieve your goals
  • How many e-mail addresses do you have?
  • Can your audience receive HTML e-mail?
    • Most e-mail programs can
    • But Outlook blocks images by default