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Inclusivity and community

Diversity and Inclusivity – resources for faculty seeking to foster an inclusive community for research, teaching and service

As faculty members at the University of Washington, we have a responsibility to foster a community of diverse opinions, in which all members feel welcomed and respected. In light of this goal, the Faculty Senate is using this site to develop a list of links and resources aimed at helping faculty learn how to use the classroom and our campuses to foster a climate of inclusiveness, one that respects all points of view, facilitates constructive dialogue across the full spectrum of community membership, and serves to enhance learning and understanding. We encourage you to send us your own links to resources aimed at that goal to

Below, you will find a link to events and activities as well as resources that include organizations and people that are thinking through ways to build inclusivity. You will also find resources in the forms of research papers, essays, and other forms of publication that have been recommended to us by our colleagues on the UW Faculty. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but provides a starting place for developing your own resources and building blocks.

Please note that we have not been able to vet each of these links for their specific focus; we are providing them as a start to this work. As you learn about the resources, and if you find some more useful than others, let us know by emailing We will curate this site for the foreseeable future as we work together to support an inclusive community across all three campuses.

**Links to other websites that may be of interest to faculty are provided below. Views expressed on these sites do not reflect the official position of the Faculty Senate Leadership or the Faculty Senate.