Well, We Did It!

by Jesse

Well, hello again. Things have been a total rat race this last month or two. Just thought I'd tell you I finally made it. I graduated from high school on May 18, 1997. I would have told you sooner, but the lines around here haven't been working right due to what Mother Nature has brought to North Dakota this Spring. My internet connection is really bad. But the overall thing was a lot of fun. The actual ceremony went fine. It was funny though. One person dropped her little notes when she went up to speak--nervous probably. Well, who wouldn't be? I sure would be nervous. Then we had an open house here and talk about people. I couldn't walk. The bad thing was that the weather was really crappy that day, so we had to cram 50 or more people into a little trailer house. Try it some time. It's a lot of fun... Oh, ready for a surprise? Middle of May, right? Well, later on during the open house it SNOWED. Of course, but just the thought of it wasn't cool if you know what I mean... Well, hats off to my fellow peers who graduate this spring!

by Bridget

Hi! My graduation ceremony was on June 12, but I had an award ceremony earlier in the week. I was in the Top Ten and I got some other academic awards but my favorite was the Student of the Year for the Science Department. I was so happy when I got that award. I'm happy to graduate from high school and I wanted to say congratulations to the class of '97.

by Rachel

Hey all, I'm so excited. The week of June 2 was a great week for me. First, I signed a song by Garth Brooks called "Standing Outside the Fire," at our senior talent show. I got a standing ovation. The next day a reporter interviewed me for the newspaper and the day after I made the front page. It was an article about how I was a cheerleader and accomplished so much even with kidney failure and a degenerative hearing loss. As graduation rolled around, I received two awards at the ceremony. One was the special services award for outstanding senior from one of my teachers and the other award was a special one they have been doing for only three years now. It's an award dedicated to a guy named Ronny Griffith who recently died of cancer in the brain. Ronny showed a spirit and attitude that inspired many people. I'm the third person ever to win this award. Of course, my mom and family cried and stuff. It was an awesome graduation. I just thought all my friends at DO-IT might like to hear about it.

by Matthew

Hello Everyone, just to fill everybody in, I graduated, like many of the DO-IT Scholars and Pals, this year. We had our ceremony at the Seattle Mercer Arena. It was pretty cool. Things are going well for me. I have gotten a scholarship from Pemco and I'm working with DVR to get an adaptive van and for them to pay some of my college expenses. I now have a foster sister named Harmoney. She has been living with us about 3 months now. It's a little weird since I've been an only child but it's also nice having someone to talk to. She's 15. Well, that about wraps it up. See everyone at the summer camp this year.