UW Computer Use Ethics Review

Most DO-IT participants are new guests to the University of Washington computer community. Guests of the system must abide by the UW Ethics Statement listed below. If you have any questions, direct them to doit@u.washington.edu or call (206) 685-DOIT (685-3648).

Everyone within the UW community who uses a computer has the responsibility to use the resources in an ethical and legal manner. This means that users agree to abide by the following conditions:

  • The integrity of the systems must be respected
  • The privacy of other users must not be in intruded upon at any time. For example, do not send e-mail to someone who has requested that you do not.
  • The rules and regulations governing the use of equipment must be respected.
  • No one will obtain unauthorized access to other users' accounts and files.
  • The intended use of all host accounts, typically for research, instruction and administrative purposes, must be respected.

In conclusion, University of Washington policy prohibits account theft, file theft, violations of informational privacy and/or penetration or harm to operating systems. If abuse of computer systems occurs, those responsible for such abuse will be held legally accountable.