Staff and Advisory Members DO-IT with Finesse

The following people make up the principal staff for the DO-IT project. Marysheila Guichon, Program Coordinator; Dan Comden, Adaptive Technology Consultant; Deb Cronheim, Mentoring Specialist; Jane Sandberg, Program Evaluator; Nikki Stauber, Program Assistant; Serena Shubert, Technical Writer; and Sheryl Burgstahler, Project Director.

The following people serve on the DO-IT Advisory Board: Dr. Gene Ball, Microsoft Corporation; Karl Booksh, UW Chemistry Graduate Student; Dr. Fred Campbell, Dean of Undergraduate Education and Vice Provost at UW; Tim Collins, Boeing; Dr. Norris Haring, UW Professor of Special Education; Dr. Jodie Haselkorn, Professor of Rehabilitative Medicine; Jack Methven, US West; Ruby Ryles, parent representative; Virginia Stern, Project Director of Science, Technology and Disability, AAAS; Jerry Van Noy, Manager of Transition Services, Washington DVR; Rich Walsh, Director of the Resource Center for the Handicapped and Robert Wright, Instruction Support Specialist, Seattle Public Schools. Dr. J. Ray Bowen, UW Dean of Engineering, and Dr. Sheryl Burgstahler, Project Director, serve as ex-officio Advisory Board members.