Veterans Center


Veterans with disabilities who are interested in postsecondary education are encouraged to join programs that support their pursuit of college and careers, especially in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. These projects include AccessSTEM and AccessComputing. Below are lists of resources, both external and internal, for those interested in more information and opportunities.

Knowledge Base

The DO-IT Knowledge Base contains over 800 Case Studies, Promising Practices, and Q&As regarding accessibility of technology, college, graduate school, and careers for individuals with disabilities. Search the Knowledge Base for articles particularly relevant to veterans by selecting “Veterans Center" as a Program/Area. Below the search feature are popular articles in The Veterans Center.


The best accommodations are unique to the individual and develop from a cooperative relationship between the faculty member and the student, sometimes with the assistance of the campus disabled student services office. In this area of The Veterans Center you will learn strategies for fully including veterans with disabilities in your course activities. You will also read case studies and answers to questions faculty members frequently ask about accommodating students with disabilities in their classes.


The Veterans Center is a space for postsecondary faculty and administrators to learn how to create courses and campus services that are welcoming and accessible to all students, including veterans who have disabilities.