A New Video - In Their Own Words

Working Together: People with Disabilities and Computer Technology has been a popular DO-IT video, undergoing a full revision a couple of years ago. Through narration, testimonials, and demonstrations, the DO-IT Scholars provide an overview of the types of computer technology they use in this 14-minute multimedia product. For some presentations, DO-IT staff have needed a shorter product that just includes the clips of the students, without the instructional narration. For a short awareness presentation of technology used by young people with a wide range of disabilities, we created a new, shorter product, Computer Access: In Our Own Words. Although the product was created to be used by DO-IT staff, so many viewers asked to get a copy that we decided to include it in our educational sales program. A check of $25 will cover the cost of the VHS tape with both an open captioned version and another that includes audio description as well. It is also available online at www.washington.edu/doit/videos/index.php?vid=6.