Do all postsecondary students with disabilities use disability services?

In short, no. There are many reasons why individuals with disabilities choose not to use disability services. Some do not need accommodations (for example, a student who uses a cane for mobility but can independently climb small flights of stairs may be fully independent in her mobility on campus). Some may not want to identify themselves as having a disability. And some students may be unaware of the availability of disability services.

Orientation 2 (O2): A Promising Practice to Introduce Incoming Freshman to Computing Fields and Disability Resources

In conjunction with the University of Minnesota, Duluth (UMD) orientation program for incoming freshman, Career Services and Disability Services (DS&R) and Resources staff, with funding support from AccessComputing, held an additional orientation program for incoming freshman with disabilities on August 31st and September 1st, 2006.

What if a student with a disability disrupts my college class?

All students, including those with disabilities, should be expected to comply with established campus behavioral standards. Consider discussing the problem with the student in private and informing them of behavioral expectations in the classroom.

Contact the campus student services unit that handles behavioral issues and/or the disability services coordinator for guidance.

Missouri Southern State University: A Promising Practice in Developing a Successful Community of Practice (CoP)

The term "Community of Practice" (CoP) is used to describe a group of practitioners who share common concerns and interact regularly to improve their services and other practices. Members of a CoP identify problems in their field, propose changes, plan activities, share resources, and discuss topics of mutual interest.

Symptom Management: A Case Study on Addressing Medication Side Effects


My name is Owen. I am a college student with depression and narcolepsy. I take medication for symptom management. One side effect of this medication is severe migraine headaches that cause me to have difficulty concentrating, sleeping, and attending class consistently.

Access Issue

I never know when I might get a migraine headache and be forced to miss class. As a result, I have missed quizzes, tests, and assignment deadlines.

Geography and Christian: A Case Study in Accommodating In-Class Computer-Based Testing


My name is Christian and I'm a geography major. I have a learning disability that affects my reading and writing skills.

Access Issue

Due to my disability, I receive testing accommodations (extended time and computer access) through the disability services office. I recently enrolled in a geography course where my exams are given in class followed by continued lecture time. I was concerned about how I would take the extended time I needed for tests on the in-class computers and access the lecture material following the exam.