Let’s Do Video! Video Storytelling with Rooted in Rights

Serena, Ryan, and Katie, 2018 Interns
Phase II Scholar PJ, with help of instructor Courtney, films fellow Phase II Scholar Camilo during the Rooted In Right workshop during Summer Study 2018.

Have you ever wanted to tell a story or create a video? If so, you would love the Phase II workshop Let’s Do Video! Video Storytelling with Rooted in Rights. Phase II Scholars PJ, Hayley, Jono, Camilo, and Jane learned how to create unique videos about disability representation and accessibility.

The Scholars were guided and directed by an amazing group of instructors: Courtney Cole (2013 Scholar), Vanessa Link (2014 Scholar), Jordan Melograna, Rachael Miyazaki, Vilissa Thompson, and Anna Zivartis. Throughout the week, the Scholars wrote scripts, created B-role, chose music, edited footage, created captions, and created audio descriptions. The Scholars created fantastic videos while learning important skills they can use in the future. View the two videos produced on Facebook on the Rooted in Rights page!