Where can I learn more about accessibility and UD of informal STEM learning programs?

Date Updated

The Access Informal STEM Learning (AccessISL) project supports efforts to develop a capacity building model for making informal STEM learning (ISL) opportunities more welcoming and accessible to individuals with disabilities.

The project offers a Resources Page that contains videos, brochures, and links to helpful information. For example, the Accessible Science Equipment publication describes examples of products that help make science labs accessible to all students. A related publication, Making Science Labs Accessible to Students with Disabilities, further talks about designing science labs so that all students can fully participate. Instructional videos offer helpful information about making videos accessible, creating accessible documents, and otherwise creating accessible offerings.

Universal design means that rather than designing for the average user, you design for people with differing native languages, genders, racial and ethnic backgrounds, abilities, and disabilities. The information brief Equal Access: Universal Design of Your Informal STEM Learning Project describes the consideration of UD principles in planning, policies, information resources, facilities, and staff training.

For more information, visit the AccessISL Universal Design website.