Happy New Year from DO-IT!

Friday, January 8, 2021

Happy New Year from DO-IT! 
Wishing You and Yours an Awesome 2021

DO-IT Staff, Partners, and Students hold up signs saying "Happy New Year from DO-IT! Wishing You and Yours an Awesome 2021.

Dozens of DO-IT Center staff, students, mentors, and partners wish you a happy new year! We are excited to continue our collaborative work toward a more equitable and accessible world. The image includes DO-IT community members Susie Hawkey (Operations Manager), Scott Bellman (Center Manager), Tami Tidwell (Program Coordinator), Eric Chudler (Partner and Mentor), Sheryl Burgstahler (Center Director), Terrill Thompson (IT Accessibility Team Manager), Richard Ladner (Partner and Mentor), Brianna Blaser (Program Coordinator), Gaby de Jongh (Accessibility Specialist), Rochelle Bowyer (Student and Mentor), Kayla Brown (Program Coordinator), and Elizabeth Woolner (Publications Coordinator). Each person in the image is holding a card with one word. Together, the cards read “Happy new year from DO-IT! Wishing you and yours an awesome 2021."

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