DO-IT Director Wins OLC Award

Elizabeth Woolner, DO-IT Staff

The Online Learning Consortium (OLC) recently announced the 2021 OLC Accelerate award winners, celebrating peer-reviewed excellence in digital teaching and learning practice and scholarship, equity and inclusion, and open education. DO-IT founder and director Sheryl Burgstahler received the Leadership in Equity and Inclusion in Online Learning Award for her contributions to the field of digital learning exemplifying the principles of equity, inclusion, and accessibility. One of her nominators noted that “Sheryl was one of the first educators to think about universal design in online education, and her work over the years in creating ideas and resources to benefit students with disabilities and others have had an immeasurable impact.” 

“The OLC Awards program is an opportunity to showcase leadership and innovation in the field of online, blended, and digital learning,” said Dr. Jennifer Mathes, Chief Executive Officer of the Online Learning Consortium. “We are thrilled to amplify the inspiring work of our winners... The awards program allows us not only to celebrate the incredible work that has been done by our community in the past year, but to look forward to what is possible in the year to come.” OLC celebrated award winners in September with a virtual awards gala.