CBI Participants

All participants attending the CBI.

The following individuals participated in the CBI.

Mike Wojan
User Experience Designer
University of Michigan Digital Innovation Greenhouse

Yianna Vovides
Director, Learning Design and Research

Lucien Vattel
Founder / CEO
Learning Lense

Cynthia Graville
CO-PI, Faculty Member at Saint Louis University
STEM Literacy through Infographics

Becky  Passonneau
Senior Research Scientist
CAP: Advancing Technology and Practice for Learning Reading and Writing Skills in Secondary Science Education

Ivan Mutis
Assistant Professor
Cyber-Eye: Empowering Learning through Remote Visualizations using Unmanned Aerial Systems

Prasun Dewan
EAGER: Automatic Classification of Programming Difficulties by Mining Programming Events

Aubrie Adams
Graduate Student
Teaching Bias Mitigation through Training Games with Application in Credibility Attribution

Katie Headrick Taylor
Assistant Professor
Engaging Underrepresented Youth in Mobile City Science

Shari Gardner
Research Analyst II
Building a Unified Research Agenda for K-12 Online Learning Environments to Improve STEM Outcomes for Students with Learning Disabilities and Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Fengfeng Ke
Associate Professor
EXP: “Earthquake Rebuild” – Mathematical Learning via Architectural Design and Modeling

June Ahn
Assistant Professor
DIP: ScienceKit for ScienceEverywhere - A Seamless Scientizing Ecosystem for Raising Scientifically- Minded Children

Emily Moore
Director of Research and Accessibility
Ramping Up Accessibility in STEM: Inclusively Designed Simulations for Diverse Learners (DRK-12)

April Marie Leach
Literacy Researcher/Instructional Coach/Professional Development Coordinator
Cyber Literacy Learning for Social Transformation

Aaron Kline
Lead Mobile Engineer
Autism Glass: Design Challenges and Strategies for Targeted Audiences (not a cyberlearning grant)

Ina Wanca
Cyberlearning Workforce Readiness

Raymond Rose
​TxDLA Public Policy Chair. Online Accessible Learning Evangelist
TxDLA Accessibility Certification Program

David Julian
Associate Professor, Project PI
Development of a simulation-based application for teaching human physiology through guided discovery, pure discovery and authentic research

Mehmet Celepkolu
Doctoral Student
Development of a simulation-based application for teaching human physiology through guided discovery, pure discovery and authentic research

Janet Beissinger
Research Professor CryptoClub

Veronica Ahumada Newhart Ph.D. Candidate/Researcher
Virtual Inclusion via Telepresence Robots

Katie Rich
Curriculum Developer
Number Stories

Hana Hyunju Lee
User experience designer

Kun Li
Building a Cyberlearning Research Program: An Early Career Symposium

Joshi Swaroop
Graduate Research Associate
​GeoGames – a virtual simulation workbench for teaching and learning through real-world geography

Beverly Park Woolf
Project Director
DIP: Impact of Adaptive Interventions on Student Affect, Performance, and Learning

Ron Rusay
Professor/ co-PI
​ChemWiki/STEMwiki Hyper-libraries