Card Games and People with Disabilities

Jin and Mike, Phase I Scholars
Image of a group of students having fun and playing cards in a circle
Phase I Scholars and Interns play a game of cards during Summer Study 2014.

Playing card games can be entertaining for everybody. However, sometimes people with disabilities need to adapt the game to make it fully accessible.

We did some research by asking Scholars how they make themselves comfortable while playing cards. First, we talked to Alex. He has mild autism, which makes him hypersensitive to light and miss some social cues. Alex adapts by researching, so he’s prepared to play. The next Scholar we talked to is Thor, who has desmin myopathy. He needs a special type of wheelchair. He can play as long as the table is low enough for him to put his cards down. The last Scholar we talked to is Jason, who has low vision. In order for him to read or see his cards, he has to look at them up close.

Our research shows that adaptions can be made so that everyone feels comfortable playing cards.