Accessibility of the Seattle Aquarium

Matt and Thor, Phase I Scholars
Image of students at the Seattle Aquarium
DO-IT Scholars visited the aquarium to see different types of fish and sea creatures during Summer Study 2014.

The Seattle Aquarium does not have too many accessibility issues for most disability types. Wheelchairs have access to most areas, but some exhibits have staircases, and big crowds make it hard to get around. This could also be a problem for visitors who need to stay close to an interpreter or staff member.

For people who are blind, someone would need to describe each of the animals in tanks or habitats. People who are deaf or hard of hearing may want an interpreter to understand what some of the staff are saying. People with dwarfism will have a hard time seeing some of the displays. Those with learning disabilities can also have a few problems. If heavy crowds are not an issue, most places in the aquarium are accessible.