Are there computer keyboards designed to be used with only one hand?

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Yes, and there are several options you can choose from.

One option is to see if the keyboard layout in your operating system can be changed. Many modern systems have this option, which will allow you to type one-handed efficiently and without purchasing a new keyboard device. You could use a standard keyboard changed to a Dvorak layout for right- or left-handed use. Known as "Home Base," this method focuses on the letters F, G, H, and J on the standard keyboard. The finger on F handles all the keys above, below, and to the left of F. G, H, and J follow a similar pattern. For detailed instruction on this method, visit the website About One Hand Typing and Keyboarding.

Another option is to use a dedicated Dvorak keyboard, specially designed to be used by typists with only one hand. A Dvorak keyboard rearranges the letters of a standard keyboard so that they are more efficient. There are three Dvorak layouts: two-handed, left-handed, and right-handed. Each is optimized for faster and more accurate touch typing.

Chorded keyboards have fewer keys than a standard keyboard, usually one for each finger. Letters are typed by a combination of keys, similar to a musical chord on the piano. Each letter has its own unique chord. This keyboard requires good finger coordination and memory.

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