Appendix S: Faculty/Instructor Feedback

DO-IT Scholar Summer Study Faculty/Instructor Feedback Form

  1. Please select those items that reflect your presentation format:

    _____One-time only lecture

    _____One-time only lab

    _____Multiple-day lab

    _____Multiple-day project

    _____Multiple-day lecture

    _____Other; please describe: ______________________________________________

  2. Which, if any, of the following training options did you use to prepare your presentation for students with disabilities?

    _____DO-IT handout(s)

    _____DO-IT video(s)

    _____Meeting/presentation by DO-IT staff

    _____Conversation with DO-IT staff

    _____Other; please explain: _______________________________________________

  3. Have you given a similar presentation or lab to students without disabilities?

    _____Yes _____No

    If yes, please describe any differences in your experiences delivering the presentation to each group.

  4. Using a rating scale from 1 to 5 where 1 means "poor" and 5 means "excellent," how well did the DO-IT participants perform, as a whole, in your activity?


  5. Was there any disability group that had particular difficulty in successfully completing your activity?
    ___ Yes ___ No

    If yes, which one(s) and why?

  6. Did you feel adequately prepared to deal with the variety of disabilities of the DO-IT summer program participants?
    ___ Yes ___ No

    If no, what would have helped?

  7. What suggestions, if any, would you give to future instructors for the DO-IT summer program?
  8. Would you like to participate in the DO-IT summer program next year?

    ___ Yes ___ No

Please use the space below to suggest topics and presenters to include in future DO-IT summer programs and suggest ways to improve the program overall.

Thank you for your participation.