AccessIT Knowledge Base Matures

Sheryl Burgstahler, Ph.D.

Check out new resources in the AccessIT Knowledge Base at DO-IT cosponsors AccessIT, the National Center on Accessible Information Technology in Education. It promotes the development, purchase, and use of accessible information technology in all educational entities. Recent questions answered in the AccessIT searchable database include "What does Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 require?" Basic questions like "What makes electronic and information technology inaccessible to people with disabilities?" and "What is universal design?" are also included.

The AccessIT Knowledge Base compliments DO-IT's AccessSTEM Knowledge Base, which can be found at AccessSTEM, the Alliance for Access to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, sponsors a searchable database that includes frequently asked questions, case studies, and promising practices related to assistive technology and the full inclusion of people with disabilities in STEM academic programs and careers. AccessSTEM is funded by the National Science Foundation (HRD-0227995).