AccessADVANCE Program Brochure


To create truly inclusive and equitable academic workplaces, it is imperative to systematically address issues impacting the career advancement and success of female faculty members with disabilities by applying a universal design (UD) approach. AccessADVANCE will increase understanding of issues related to this understudied and often marginalized group that will lead to the identification of effective interventions impacting the career advancement and success of female faculty with disabilities.

Project Objectives

  • For Institutions and Projects
    To increase the engagement and capacity of ADVANCE, INCLUDES, and other programs that promote women in STEM and their host institutions to create institutional changes that allow academic STEM careers to be more welcoming, accessible, and inclusive to women with disabilities. 
    Universal Design focuses on accessibility, usability, and inclusivity.
    UD results in products and environments that are accessible, usable, and inclusive.
  • For Individuals
    To increase the interest and success of women with disabilities in pursuing academic STEM careers.
  • For the Entire Community
    To expand an online Knowledge Base and other resources to share Q&As, case studies, and promising practices regarding institutional practices to increase the participation of women with disabilities in academic STEM careers.

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Get Involved

  • Join the AccessADVANCE Community of Practice
    Participate in discussions and activities for promoting the increased participation of women with disabilities in STEM faculty careers.
  • Attend AccessADVANCE Events
    Shows different community members that can support women with disabilities in STEM.
    Support from the whole community helps create an inclusive environment for all to succeed.

    Through the community of practice and other communication channels learn how to engage in presentations and activities on related topics.
  • Apply for an AccessADVANCE Minigrant
    AccessADVANCE has limited funds available to support activities to expand, replicate, and disseminate practices related to our project goals nationwide. Apply now!
  • Add to the Knowledge Base
    Our staff maintains a Knowledge Base of hundreds of articles that address disability-related issues. We invite you to contribute a case study, promising practice, or Q&A.

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