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In the Loop podcast: Insight from Student Life VP Denzil Suite (Episode 2)

As the Stay-at-Home order has been extended in Washington, we would like to give some insight form our Student Life Vice President, Denzil Suite. Did you know that students are building the University of Washington on Minecraft and having virtual house parties? Or did you know UW Police Department encourages students to download SafeZone app, where it can help you when you feel unsafe walking alone at night.

In the Loop podcast: How can we prepare for remote learning? (Episode 1)

As a response to COVID-19, the University of Washington has shifted to remote learning for spring quarter. Through our new In the Loop podcast, the CIRCLE team would like to connect with our students and provide guidance for a successful virtual learning experience.

We would like to address some of the changes and challenges the virtual learning experience might include, such as:

  • Time management and being productive in at-home learning setting
  • Reaching out to friends, colleagues, mentors, librarians, professors, and more
  • Reducing distractions

Our inaugural In the Loop podcast features Morris and Erik, who are international students, providing excellent tips and insights. In addition, we would like to thank our CIRCLE Student Success Coach, Mary Kay, for inputting insightful tips. We hope this episode helps ease the process of adapting to a new virtual learning environment.

In the Loop podcast: Introduction

Welcome to CIRCLE’s brand new “In the Loop” podcast! As classes at the University of Washington have gone virtual for spring quarter, the CIRCLE team wanted to stay connected virtually with our students. Each week we will cover different topics and have guests from in and around the University. We will cover topics ranging from “what are some tips staying focused during virtually learn,” to “what are social distancing mental health tips from UW Hall Health,” to some comedy from our UW stand-up comedy folks, and more!

Get started with our introduction below, and please stay tuned!