AccessComputing Industry Partners are companies that are working to make the technical workplace more welcoming and accessible to computing professionals with disabilities. Companies learn about strategies that can be successful in recruiting and retaining employees with disabilities.

Industry Partners

  • engage with AccessComputing staff, partners, and other affiliates in web/telephone conferences;
  • work towards creating a welcoming and accessible environment for interns and employees with disabilities;
  • have access to a resume database of qualified computing students who have disabilities for potential internships and permanent employment;
  • explore opportunities for AccessComputing students to test products for accessibility;
  • attend workshops focused on ways that companies can work to increase the participation of people with disabilities in computing fields; and
  • refer interns or other students with disabilities to the AccessComputing Student Team, where they can participate in mentoring and professional development activities.

To become an AccessComputing Industry Partner, complete our online form.

Current Industry Partners

Current Industry Partners include

  • AbiliTrek

    AbiliTrek is a multifaceted disability-owned company with the mission of improving accessibility and empowering people with disabilities.

  • Lawrence Livermore National Labs

    A national lab strengthening the United States' security through development and application of world-class science and technology.

  • Microsoft

    A producer of both software and hardware products and a leader in accessibility and disability hiring.

  • Oath

    Oath is a media and technology company that reaches over one billion people around the world through our house of brands including Yahoo, AOL, Huffington Post, TechCrunch, MAKERS, and more. Our industry leading Accessibility Team works to ensure all users can access and enjoy our products, services and content.

  • Salesforce

    A cloud computing company headquartered in San Francisco focused on customer relationship management.