Thanks for your interest in becoming an AccessComputing Industry Partner. We look forward to working with you. This agreement should be completed by our main contact within your organization. Industry Partners will agree to the following.

We will make efforts to make our company accessible and welcoming to interns and employees with disabilities. In our partnership, the individual named below will serve as our organization's representative of the company to participate in (1) quarterly phone conferences, (2) an online Community of Practice related to broadening participation in computing, and (3) workshops or webinars conducted by AccessComputing.

Through our partnership with AccessComputing, we can

  1. Work towards creating a welcoming and accessible environment for employees with disabilities.
  2. Access talented computing students with disabilities.
  3. Be featured as an Partner on the AccessComputing website and publications.
  4. Refer interns or other students with disabilities to AccessComputing for mentoring and professional development activities.
  5. Invite AccessComputing students to test products for accessibility.

We agree to work with AccessComputing to work towards the goals listed above. We understand AccessComputing will contact us after completing this form about working together.

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Participation Agreement

By checking this box, I agree that our company or organization will work with AccessComputing as described above.