A student uses a stylus to work on a computing project

AccessComputing is a place where I not only find help in my own life, but has also become a place in which I contribute knowledge and understanding.”

AccessComputing helps people with disabilities successfully pursue undergraduate, graduate degrees, and employment in computing fields, and works to increase the capacity of postsecondary institutions and other organizations to fully include people with disabilities in computing education and employment.

When more citizens have access to computing opportunities, and when computing fields are enhanced by the perspectives of people with disabilities, we all benefit.

We support students with disabilities from across the country in reaching critical junctures toward college and careers by providing advice, resources, mentoring opportunities, professional contacts, and funding for internships, and computing conferences.

For educators and employers, we offer institutes and workshops to build awareness of universal design and accommodation strategies, and to aid in recruiting and supporting students with disabilities through the development of inclusive programs and education on promising practices.

Led by UW, University of California Irvine, Gallaudet University, and Tufts University, AccessComputing is supported by the National Science Foundation (grant #CNS-0540615, CNS-0837508, CNS-1042260, CNS-1539179, CNS-2137312).

To learn how you can participate in AccessComputing, contact accesscomp@uw.edu.