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Upwardbound Summer

Upward Bound students spend six weeks on the University of Washington campus each summer. Classes run Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. with a one-hour lunch break. The summer component is especially important because it gives students the opportunity to experience the academic and social atmosphere of a major university. Upward Bound students attend classes in the same building as regularly enrolled UW students.

During the summer, language arts, math, foreign language, and science skills are developed. Most students also enroll in an elective class. Options have ranged from ballroom dancing, drama, art, traditional coiled basketry and beginning conversational Italian.

Seminar classes introduce students to some of the UW’s most competitive majors including the schools of business, social work, nursing, mechanical engineering and prosthetics. A unique feature of our Summer Component is the formal lecture course, required for all students. While the focus varies, course structure is modeled after lecture classes students will encounter at the university level. Past lecture courses have been offered in astronomy, classics, cinema studies, public speaking, environmental science and public health.

All classes are taken for graded high school credit and appear on the student’s transcript. A student may earn high school credits for each class satisfactorily completed. The Seattle Public Schools has the final decision on the total credits they can award per class.

Students are eligible to earn an end-of-the program stipend, lunch money and bus tickets/ORCA cards while attending the summer program.

During the summer program, staff also arrange for a variety of special events which include educational and cultural field trips and an awards ceremony. The awards ceremony is held on the last day of the Summer Academy at the UW’s Kane Hall. Families and students are invited for an evening of refreshments, the presentation of student and staff awards and viewing of class work. This ceremony is traditionally well-attended and is the high point of a successful and intensive summer program.

Another opportunity is available for some Upward Bound students. The federal government funds a few regional Upward Bound Math/Science Centers. Students selected may spend five weeks at the Monterey Peninsula College Math & Science Center on the University of California at Santa Cruz campus.

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