Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity

Academic Year

Upward Bound - Donna and student

Language Arts

Upward Bound holds Saturday workshops on the UW campus during the first semester of the academic year to help students with college research, analytical reading and writing skills. This may include an abbreviated version of a humanities undergraduate course designed to help students practice critical thinking skills in reading, listening, speaking and writing. Additionally, the Writing Clinic is available one day a week at the schools to help all UB students with reports, PowerPoint projects or essays for college and scholarship search. During the second semester, the Saturday seminar is offered exclusively to juniors so they can learn test strategies that will prepare them for the SAT and ACT which they will take in June. We also offer tutorial assistance to help students preparing for the 10th grade HSPE tests.


Upward Bound staff provides math tutorials at the schools during the regular school day. These one-on-one or small group tutorials help UB students in their current level, from whole numbers basic review all the way to college calculus. Juniors take a class that prepares them for the SAT and ACT tests. We also offer tutorial assistance to help students preparing for the 10th grade HSPE tests or the EOC tests (End-of-Course), as well as re-takes all the way to their senior year. Passing all components of the standardized test (reading, writing, math and science) are requirements for high school graduation.

Student Advising

Upward Bound

Above: Sehee Thomas, Associate Director of Admissions for the School of Law, speaks to the students during the Majors Orientation Field Trip (Summer 2013).

We follow each student’s academic progress very closely and work with school counselors to assist in developing class schedules. On an individualized basis, we help students decide if Running Start is a better fit for them or if applying to other Washington public universities may give them a better chance of obtaining a degree in a highly competitive but marketable major.

Career Exploration

Upward Bound devotes a lot of time and resources to helping students explore their future career paths. Upon entry into the program, new students attend their first career workshop that helps them see the connection between their abilities, personality traits, interests, values and career goals. During their college prep class in the summer, students review job projections to see trends in marketable careers through the eyes of experts in state and federal agencies, Wall Street and private industry. Inventory tests are administered to help students narrow down their career interests and counselors continually review transcripts with students so they register for the right classes. Career workshops continue until their senior year.

Senior Class Advising

Upward Bound works comprehensively and intensively with students to choose and apply for a postsecondary program and helps students think about a career. Work in this area begins during the student’s first year in UB and continues through the end of the senior year. Staff prepare students to compete for scholarships and utilize resources in the community and at educational institutions. The counselor meets with students to discuss which postsecondary education program or college best meets that individual student’s need. One-on-one assistance is provided to help them apply for financial aid and scholarships.

Upward Bound provides this tutoring and advising without charge. However, the student must apply for financial aid to cover college tuition and other college-related expenses.