Undergraduate Research Program

Resources for Mentors

The Undergraduate Research Program is a university-wide resource that helps UW faculty, post-docs, and graduate students engage undergraduates in their research. We support the efforts of research mentors in several ways.

Post on the database here We maintain a database where mentors can post research opportunities or indicate their willingness to be an undergraduate research mentor.

Access mentoring resources here We develop resources and offer trainings for those who want to take their mentoring skills to the next level.

View funding opportunities here We offer various opportunities and resources to fund undergraduates in research experiences.

Learn about research for credit here We provide advice for how students can earn departmental or general studies credit for their research experiences.

View award details here

We facilitate the Outstanding Research Mentor Award. Each year, Undergraduate Research Symposium presenters are given an opportunity to nominate their mentor for this award.

View the Mentor FAQ page here

Find the answers to commonly asked questions from undergraduate research mentors.

“More than just an extra pair of hands to help with the numerous tasks of doing research, an undergraduate student brings an extra pair of keen eyes. They often see the research from a totally new and innovative perspective.”

– Professor Robert Winglee (Earth & Space Sciences)