Undergraduate Research Program

Research mentors

The Undergraduate Research Program is a University-wide resource that helps UW faculty engage undergraduates in their research. The program maintains listings of faculty projects, conducts information sessions for students on the benefits of getting involved in research, and annually honors the achievements of outstanding undergraduates at the UW Undergraduate Research Symposium, which is open to all UW undergraduates involved in research guided by faculty.

“More than just an extra pair of hands to help with the numerous tasks of doing research, an undergraduate student brings an extra pair of keen eyes. They often see the research from a totally new and innovative perspective.”

– Professor Robert Winglee (Earth & Space Sciences)

Many faculty across campus who engage undergraduates in research find that students bring fresh insight and inquiry to their area of study. Students seek research opportunities in order to:

  • Contribute to the production of knowledge
  • Sharpen critical and analytical skills
  • Complement and extend classroom learning
  • Prepare for graduate study or professional life