Grant Runner Single PDF

You can generate a single PDF that combines all of the sponsor forms and the related attachment content. The layout and contents of the PDF is the same as the NIH reviewers see, and can be printed or circulated via email.

Note: The PDF does not include the Cover Letter attachment on the SF424, the Appendix attachment on the PHS 398 Research Plan, or the PHS Assignment Request form.

Use the “View Grant Runner forms (PDF)” link found on the left navigation menu just below the set of Grant Runner forms, as indicated in the image below.

view grant runner forms single P D F llink


There is a quirk with the PHS 398 Research Plan form within Grant Runner. If its two required attachments have not yet been uploaded when you select the “View Grant Runner forms (PDF)” link, you will receive the “Exception while generating Image with InputStream attachments: null” error message.

You can resolve this issue by following these steps:

  1. Open the eGC1.
  2. Navigate to the PHS 398 Research Plan form.
  3. Upload an attachment for each of the required (indicated by the red asterisk (*) ) attachments.
    1. Note: A placeholder attachment can be used until the actual file is ready to be attached.
  4. Refresh the page.
  5. Try generating the PDF again.