Grant Runner Performance Sites

This form page is for listing all sites, up to a total of 300 sites.

Primary Project/Performance Site

Identifier (UEI) is editable so you can modify it if necessary. Check with your OSP administrator before changing this data.

The congressional district for Seattle and Bothell campuses (WA-007) is pre-populated. If the application or project is not being completed in King County, then you should update this value when the application is prepared.

Other Sites

Use this section to include additional performance sites. Start by clicking on the Add New Other Sites button. In the expanded accordion, enter the appropriate information.

The following fields are editable:

  • Organization Name (required)
  • Street 1 (required)
  • Street 2
  • City (required)
  • County / Parish
  • Country (required)
  • State (required) if the Country is the United States; Province otherwise
  • ZIP / Postal Code (required if the Country is the United States)
  • Congressional District (required)

Congressional District Notes

  • For Seattle and Bothell campuses the value is WA-007. If the applicant or project is not being completed in King County, then update this data accordingly.
  • Other valid values are a state abbreviation plus “ALL” (such as WA-ALL) or “US-ALL”.
  • If you select a country other than the United States, the system will change the value to 00-000 (zero, not the letter O) and make it read-only. This is to follow NIH requirements.

You can click the Collapse link at any time to close the accordion.

Each site you have added will display in a table on the page, with a few pieces of data to easily identify it.

other performance sites section

To Make Changes: Click on the Expand link to review or make changes to the data entered.

To Remove a Site: Use the Delete link to remove the site from the list.

Maximum Number of Sites

Currently, the maximum number of sites (primary plus other) is 300. If you have entered that many, and need to document more, you can use the section at the bottom of the page that displays once you reach the maximum.  Click the Add Attachment link to upload an attachment listing the additional locations. For general attachment information, see eGC1 and Grant Runner Attachments.