Grant Runner PHS Fellowship Supplemental

You must include this NIH form with your application for a fellowship opportunity. For descriptions of the attachments, see the specific instructions for your opportunity and OSP’s page.

Use the corresponding links to add each attachment. Follow the formatting and length specifications in the sponsor’s instructions for each specific attachment. All attachments must be PDFs. For general information about managing Grant Runner attachments, including the rules for naming your PDF, see eGC1 and Grant Runner Attachments.


1.  Introduction to Application (for Resubmission or Revision applications)

Note: This will only display for the appropriate application types.

Fellowship Applicant Section

2.  Applicant Background and Goals for Fellowship Training

Required for all applications.

Research Training Plan Section

3.  Specific Aims

Required for all applications.

4.  Research Strategy

Required for all applications.

5.  Respective Contributions

Required for all applications.

6.  Selection of Sponsor and Institution

Required for all applications.

7.  Progress Report Publication List (for Renewal applications)

Required for renewal applications.

8.  Training in the Responsible Conduct of Research

Required for all applications.

Sponsor(s), Collaborator(s), and Consultant(s) Section

9.  Sponsor and Co-Sponsor Statements

Required for all applications.

10.  Letters of Support from Collaborators, Contributors, and Consultants

Required for all applications.

Institutional Environment and Commitment to Training Section

11.  Description of Institutional Environment and Commitment to Training

Required for all applications.

12. Description of Candidate’s Contribution to the Program goals

Required for all applications.

 Other Research Training Plan Section

Are Vertebrate Animals Used?

The Yes or No choice for this item is taken from the RR Other Project Information form and repeated here for your reference. Any change to this item must be made on that form.

13.  Are vertebrate animals euthanized?

Select Yes or No. If you answer Yes, then the following question appears:

Is method consistent with American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) guidelines?

If you answer No, then use the text box to describe the method used and provide scientific justification.

14.  Vertebrate Animals

Required for all applications.

15.  Select Agent Research

Select agents are hazardous biological agents and toxins which DHHS or USDA have identified as having the potential to pose a severe threat to public health and safety, to animal and plant health, or to animal and plant products. The CDC and the Animal APHIS Select Agent Programs jointly maintain a list of these agents at

16.  Resource Sharing Plan(s)

NIH considers the sharing of unique research resources developed through NIH-sponsored research an important means to enhance the value and further the advancement of the research. When you have developed resources with NIH funds and published the associated research findings or provided them to NIH, it is important that the resources are readily available for research purposes to qualified individuals within the scientific community.

17. Other Plan(s)

Although NIH Data Sharing Policies are not applicable to fellowship applications, the attachment was added for potential future use with other plans.

18. Authentication of Key Biological and/or Chemical Resources

Required for all applications.

Additional Information Section

19. Human Embryonic Stem Cells

Select Yes if this application involves the use and/or creation of human embryonic stem cells in any portion of this research project.

If you answer Yes, additional fields will display. You will need to either use the check box to indicate that the specific cell line cannot be referenced at this time or enter the specific line(s) being used.

To enter cell line information, click on the Add New Cell Line Registration Numbers button. This will display a text box in which you can enter the cell line registration number. Click the button again to add more cell lines as needed up to a maximum of 200 stem cell lines. For more information, see GIM 36 Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research Policy and Guidelines and the NIH’s Stem Cell Registry.

20. Alternate Phone Number

Enter a phone number.

21. Degree Sought During Proposed Award

Select the appropriate degree from the drop-down menu and indicate the Expected Completion Date.

22. Field of Training for Current Proposal

Select the appropriate field from the drop-down menu.

23. Current or Prior Kirschstein-NRSA Support?

Select Yes or No. If you answer Yes, complete the additional fields.

24. Applications for Concurrent Support

Select Yes or No.

25. Citizen

Select Yes or No. If you answer No, the following question will display.

If no, select most appropriate Non-U.S. Citizen option

The options are: Permanent U.S. Resident Visa or Temporary U.S. Visa.

If you select “Temporary U.S. Visa” the following optional statement appears.  Check the box, if appropriate.

If you are a non-U.S. citizen with a temporary visa applying for an award that requires permanent residency status, and expect to be granted a permanent resident visa by the start date of the award, check here.

26. Change of Sponsoring Institution

Select Yes or No. If you answer Yes, then enter the name of the former institution.

Budget Section

27. Tuition and Fees

Select Funds Requested or None Requested. If you select Funds Requested, then enter the appropriate dollar amounts for Year 1 through Year 6. The system will calculate the Total Funds Requested.

28. Childcare Costs

Select Funds Requested or None Requested. If you select Funds Requested, then enter the appropriate dollar amounts for Year 1 through Year 6. The system will calculate the Total Funds Requested.

29. Present Institutional Base Salary

Enter the Amount, select the appropriate Academic Period from the drop-down menu, and enter the Number of Months.

30. Stipends/Salary During First Year of Proposed Fellowship

In part a. Federal Stipend Requested, enter the Amount and Number of Months.

In part b. Supplementation from Other Sources, enter the Amount, the Number of Months, the Type, and the Source.


31. Appendix

You can upload one or more PDF documents (maximum of 10) to satisfy the sponsor requirements for this section, if your opportunity instructions specifically call for it.