Grant Runner Navigation

When you are working in a Grant Runner application, the left navigation menu will display additional links.

The first section is labeled Mandatory Grant Runner Forms. Select any link in this section to display the form.

The second section is labeled Optional Grant Runner Forms.  Each link in this section is preceded by a checkbox.  To access one of these form, check the box first, then select the link.

The View Grant Runner forms (PDF) link is below the Optional section. Selecting it generates a single PDF that combines all of the sponsor forms and the related attachment content. The layout of the PDF will be the same as the NIH reviewers see, and can be printed or circulated via email.

Once OSP submits your Grant Runner application to, you will also see a GR Submission & Status link. Selecting this displays the submission history for your application.

The last link on the menu is Check for Errors.  Selecting it opens a pop-up window that displays any errors in your application.

The following image shows an example of the Grant Runner portion of the left navigation menu.

grant runner left navigation menu