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This chart details when the system sends email notifications and to whom. Select the email name to see a sample. Email Purpose Sent When Sent To Disclosure Notification To let investigators know that they need to complete a disclosure for this eGC1. The system sends this email only once to each investigator. At the same […]

This page provides the initial steps to: Create and complete a pending disclosure Create your own disclosure for an application (eGC1) Create your own disclosure for CoMotion or HSD Create a disclosure for new or changed SFI, or for your annual update of SFI Create a disclosure to reaffirm no SFI for your annual update […]

You can see all of your existing Significant Financial Interests (SFI) listed in this section. The following image shows an example list. You can add, edit, or delete SFIs when you are creating a disclosure. Select Complete Disclosure or ¬†Create New Disclosure¬†in the Action Items section to start this process. If you are an investigator […]