Disclosure Review Statuses

Once you complete a disclosure, the system assigns it a Review Status based on several factors.

A primary disclosure for an eGC1 initially has a status of Waiting for JIT (Just-in-Time), regardless of whether the disclosure includes SFI. The disclosure remains in this status until the appropriate time to review it. The disclosure’s status then changes to:

  • Review Required status if it has SFI, or
  • No Review Required, if it does not have SFI

The status change occurs when one of the following occurs:

  • An After-the-Fact eGC1 reaches In OSP or Approved status
  • OSP creates a Funding Action for an eGC1 (other than After-the-Fact ones)
  • An Advance Request is submitted for approval routing and setup.

When you complete a disclosure for CoMotion, HSD/IRB, or just SFI, the system will assign a status.  If the disclosure has SFI, the status is Waiting for JIT; if there is no SFI, the status is No Review Required.

The Institutional Official will look at disclosures in Waiting for JIT status as needed. At the time of review, the disclosure status would change to:

  • Pending Answer if the Institutional Official has requested information about this disclosure from the investigator
  • Review Complete when the Institutional Official has completed their review of this disclosure