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This page displays when you select “I need to make a disclosure for a C4C tech transfer agreement or IRB approval.” on the Disclosure Type page and click Next.

Select either C4C Technology Transfer Agreement or Human Subjects Activity.

  • If you select C4C Technology Transfer Agreement, an agreement section will display.
    • Type in the C4C Agreement ID and the name of the person or group holding the license.
    • Click Next.

Enter Other Activity C4C

  • If you select Human Subjects Activity, additional fields will display.
    • Enter the title and number of your Human Subjects Application.
    • Select which Institutional Review Boards will be reviewing your application.
    • If you select Other, type in the name of the IRB.
    • Click Next.

Note: If your human subjects activity is connected to an eGC1, then you should disclose against that eGC1. Click on “FIDS” in the green banner to exit out of this page and return to your Profile page.  From there you can re-start your disclosure and choose the appropriate eGC1.

Enter Other Activity HSD

  • After clicking Next, follow the instructions for disclosing Significant Financial Interests.

Caution: If you select an activity type, enter in the information, and use the breadcrumb navigation, you will create a pending disclosure. If you do not want to create a disclosure, click FIDS.

Cancel other activity

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