Intellectual Property Section

Investigators must disclose royalties that they receive from non-UW sources (royalties from UW are considered remuneration). This section will display if you selected “Intellectual Property” in the Entity section. Use it to provide details.

Intellectual Property: The rights comprising a patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, know-how or other similar intangible property right, including but not limited to, inventorship or authorship.

Mutual funds and retirement accounts that the Investigator does not directly control are not considered SFI.

The following image shows this section.

Field Description
IP Type Select the appropriate choice(s) from the menu. You must select at least one choice.

  • Patents
  • Royalties
  • Other

Note: If you selected Other, an additional explanation field will display. You must enter an explanation. The system will discard any text you entered in the explanation field if you deselect Other.

Income Earned from IP This value must be zero or greater. You may include the dollar sign ($), commas and a period in this field. This field is optional.