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When you click the Complete Disclosure button for an eGC1 on the Profile page or the Create New Disclosure button and then select an eGC1 or CoMotion/IRB activity, you will be presented with one of three pages, depending on whether you have already disclosed any SFI and whether your sponsor (or originating sponsor) is a Public Health Service (PHS) one. A list of PHS Sponsors is available.

No Existing SFI

If you have not yet entered any SFI, you will be asked to indicate whether you have any SFI to disclose.

Indicate SFI

  • If you do not have any SFI to disclose, just click Next to complete your disclosure.
  • If you do have SFI to disclose, when you click on Next, the SFI Entry page will display for you to fill in your information.

Existing SFI – Non-Public Health Service (PHS) Sponsor

If you have existing SFI when you click the Complete Disclosure button or the Create New Disclosure button and then select an eGC1 or activity, and your sponsor is not a PHS one, you will first be asked Does you SFI pertain to this research activity?

  • Selecting No and clicking Next will complete the disclosure. None of your existing SFI will be included in your disclosure.
  • ┬áSelecting Yes will display an additional question.

Does SFI pertain question

Do you need to add new SFI or change existing SFI?

  • Selecting No will display the Next button so you can continue.
  • Selecting Yes will display a list of your current SFI, if any. You can then Add new SFI or click on the Entity Name of an SFI to edit it. When finished, click Next to continue.

SFI add or edit SFI list

Existing SFI – PHS Sponsor

Under the new policy, all existing SFI is automatically included in a disclosure for a Public Health Service (PHS) sponsor or originating sponsor, so the page will display just ask if you need to update your SFI.

PHS need to add or edit SFI

  • If you select No and click Next, you will complete the disclosure.
  • If you select Yes, then the list of your existing SFI will display, allowing you to edit any existing SFI or add new ones.

PHS Update SFI

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