Known Issues

FIDS Profile – Title Value if Multiple Appointments

Issue: When an investigator has multiple appointments, the value selected for the Title field in the FIDS Profile is chosen randomly from the list.This means it may not be the value preferred by the investigator.

Workaround: The investigator has the option to update the title field.

Uninitialized FIDS Profiles may be lacking email addresses

Issue: The email address used for an investigator’s FIDS Profile comes from their UW Directory entry. If they chose not to include an email address in the directory, then the notification is never actually delivered. Once the investigator opens their profile, they are required to add an email address. That ensures that all future notifications will be delivered.

Workaround: Encourage investigators to access their FIDS Profile and add an email address if they have not included one in the UW Directory.

Change of Sponsor after Disclosure Completed

Issue: Primary disclosures for eGC1s with a PHS sponsor (either prime or originating) should include all of the investigator’s SFI.  However currently, if an investigator completes their primary disclosure before a PHS prime or originating sponsor is set on the parent eGC1 then the investigator’s SFI list on the disclosure does not update to show all.

Workaround: If the disclosure is editable, the investigator could update the SFI included.