Add or Edit SFI


Changes to your SFI are made as part of a disclosure, either one that is for a specific eGC1, for unsponsored activities, or one just to disclose your SFI updates.

Be aware that when you add new SFI to your profile, it will automatically be included in any disclosure whose status is not Review Complete and whose primary eGC1 is PHS-sponsored (sponsor or originating¬†sponsor is PHS). Note: If the disclosure’s status was No Review Required, it will be changed to Waiting for JIT.

When you edit an SFI entry, the changes will be reflected in any disclosure that includes the changed SFI and whose status is not Review Complete or No Review Required.

To create new SFI or to edit your current SFI, click on the Create New Disclosure button located in the Action Items section of the Profile page.

When the Disclosure Type page displays, select the I need to add new SFI or change existing SFI choice and click Next.

Screenshot of disclosure type

If you have existing SFI, you will see it listed.  Click the name of an Entity on the SFI list page to update that entry. Use the Add new SFI link to start a new entry.

Add or Edit SFI

If you do not have existing SFI, click the Add new SFI link.  You will be presented with an SFI entry page to create an SFI entry.

See the Delete SFI section for information on how to do that.

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