Significant Financial Interest Section

This section displays all of your current SFI and includes the details about the Entity and any declared Compensation, Equity, Intellectual Property, or Travel.

You will see one of two versions of this section. The first is for disclosures with a primary eGC1 which has a sponsor and/or originating sponsor that requires UW review of SFI. The second version displays for either a primary eGC1 which does not have a sponsor and/or originating sponsor that requires UW review of SFI, or for a disclosure that does not have a primary eGC1.

Primary eGC1 with a Sponsor Requiring UW SFI Review

Investigators must disclose all Significant Financial Interests (SFI) related to their Institutional Duties, as defined by GIM 10: Financial Conflict of Interest Policy. FIDS will automatically include all existing SFI in a disclosure for an application to a sponsor that requires UW review of SFI. The following image shows an example list of existing SFI.

s f i list for p h s sponsors

Special Sponsor Case

The sponsor type may shift from non-UW SFI review to UW SFI review rules for disclosures due to either a new sponsor being selected for the application or the current sponsor adopting the UW SFI review rules. If you completed your disclosure before the sponsor type (prime or originating) was changed to UW SFI review rules, then your SFI list on that disclosure will not include all of your existing SFI.

If the disclosure is editable, you could update it to include any additional SFI.  Any future disclosures made for the now UW SFI review rules sponsor will automatically include all existing SFI.

Non-UW SFI Review Sponsored Primary eGC1 or No Primary eGC1

If the primary eGC1 does not have a UW SFI review rules sponsor, you should indicate only related SFI. Specifically, SFI related to research means that the SFI either impacts, or could appear to impact, the design, conduct, or reporting of any current or proposed sponsored research projects.

Click the checkbox to include an SFI, or use the Select All or Deselect All links, as shown in the following image.

s f i list for non p h s sponsor