Investigator Details

The first two fields, described below, display as read-only; you cannot edit them. This information is obtained from UW HR and is automatically updated every time you log in.

  • Name, with your Employee Identification (EID) in parentheses.
  • Primary Position Unit lists the Cost Center and its unit name.

You can edit your Contact Phone, Email, and Title. The system initially auto-populates these.

The Office of Research will use your email address or phone number to contact you if they have questions. The email address you enter here will also display on the PI, Personnel, & Organizations page of any eGC1 that lists you.

For the Title field, if you have multiple appointments, the system randomly selects a title from the list. If it is not your preferred title, you can edit this field.

Your contact information and title do not need to match the information as it appears elsewhere in SAGE. Note: You must enter values for all of these fields.

The following image shows this section with sample data.

Investigator Details section