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Tri-Campus Data Resources

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Student Data Council & Student Data Website

Institutional Analysis is collaborating with the Office of the Registrar to centralize resources and expertise about student data at the UW. The Student Data Website is a new resource for reports, data documentation, systems information, and access; the Student Data Council brings together individuals across the institution who work with student data in order to foster learning and communication as well as establish standards for student data definitions and reporting. For more information about the council, subscribe to the student data mailman list.

Below are several resources that are being used as part of the data documentation effort:

UW Profiles

The Office of Planning& Budgeting, in collaboration with UW-IT, is excited to announce the launch of UW Profiles to the UW campus community. This new site, using data from the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW), allows you to explore and aggregate trend data at the level of the University, campus, school or college, or department.

This first release of UW Profiles focuses on academic data, providing dashboards with information about major enrollments, student credit hours (SCH), degrees awarded, and student progress. By the end of the 2013-14 academic year, we will add information about budgets, revenue, and expenditures. Activity Based Budgeting dashboards will also be developed.

Information about how to get access, use, and learn more about UW Profiles can be obtained by logging on with your UW NetID at

Community members can also access Public Profiles to explore enrollments, degree production, graduation and retention trends at the UW and at each of its campuses.

BI Portal to UW Operational Reports

The BI Portal provides a single point of access to UW operational reports, which contain institutional data across multiple functional areas and units. These data are housed in the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW).

Data Requests

If your questions aren’t answered by the data presented in the Institutional Data & Analysis site, the BI Portal, or campus-specific reports, email to make a request.

When sending a request, please let us know:

  • The question you want to answer
  • Whether you need information from a single point in time or trend data
    • The date(s) or date range
  • When you will need this information
    • Note: delivery time is dependant on workload, data availability, and report complexity
  • How you would like the data formatted
    • Please include a mock-up or sample report if possible
    • The format in which you receive the information may be determined by the data and delivery method