Office of Planning & Budgeting

January 16, 2024

Announcing a new organization: Finance, Planning & Budgeting

Effective January 16, 2024, UW Finance and the Office of Planning & Budgeting have united as one team. Sarah Norris Hall will serve as Senior Vice President of Finance, Planning & Budgeting (FPB). This organizational chart reflects the new organization with leadership updates and high-level reporting structures.

FPB Org Chart March 2024

FPB Org Chart March 2024

Message from Sarah Hall: 

I am truly honored to have been asked by President Cauce and Provost Serio to lead our new Finance, Planning and Budgeting team. I am excited for us to pool our expertise, efforts and creativity as a new organization and build on our work in service to a great public university that is deeply committed to its student access, excellent teaching, public service, discovery, and health missions.  

I want to extend my gratitude and congratulations to Brian McCartan, who has not only been a thoughtful and strategic partner in our shared work, but also supportive and gracious as we prepare for this transition. I wish Brian all the best in his retirement.  

Together we now have the opportunity, and the mandate, to urgently address the challenges we continue to encounter with Workday Finance, and to provide a level of strategy, analysis and decision support to our President, Provost, and Board that we were previously unable to provide. The imperative to stabilize our implementation of this software is both an opportunity and a responsibility that we all take seriously. I know we have a lot of work to do and I’m confident we can make further progress together.  

By uniting our teams, we can create more efficient and mutually supportive relationships and leverage expertise which may have been duplicative or not fully utilized in the past.  This will allow us to focus on our shared work and provide excellent analysis, reporting, planning, controls, and support to the broader UW.  

Moving ahead, I look forward to aligning our shared goals, growing together, supporting each other through this initial transition, and creating an organizational alignment that serves the University and our community. There’s a lot at stake, and we will need everyone’s help. 

Between now and June 2024, we will undergo an assessment and consultation to further integrate our teams. We will do this in an organized way, taking into account how we might pool our resources and expertise to align further in support of each other, and our work on behalf of the UW. We will use a mix of qualitative and quantitative measures to land an integration plan by June 2024. I will work closely with those in leadership positions to co-create an integration plan that sets us up for success long-term. 

I look forward to listening, learning, and collaborating to evolve our Finance, Planning and Budgeting Team with a shared vision to serve and support the instructional, research, service, and patient health missions of the University. Thank you in advance for your patience, your hard work, your deep commitment, and your collegial partnership.   

Sincerely, and gratefully,