Office of Global Affairs


The Office of Global Affairs (OGA) serves as a central organizational hub connecting the diverse internal and external networks of scholars, students, and community leaders who are interested in international issues.

OGA serves three main functions:

  • Clearinghouse for scholarly research on global issues across campus units and departments, disseminating information about relevant faculty expertise, funding opportunities, and institutional ties abroad.
  • Portal through which external stakeholders – including business leaders, representatives of local, regional, and national government, NGO activists, international alumni, and ethnic heritage communities – can learn about and participate in campus activities of interest to them.
  • Central guide to university rules and procedures governing study abroad, collaboration with international scholars, the conduct of global research, and the design and nurturing of foreign institutional partnerships.

To facilitate these functions, OGA has five main areas of responsibility:

  • Administration of study abroad and exchanges
  • Support for international research
  • Oversight of UW’s centers and offices abroad
  • Management of UW international relations and protocols
  • Coordination of strategic initiatives in the key areas of global health, global environment, global technology, global development challenges, and global cultural change