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UW students and leaders connect with Ambassador Kennedy in Japan

Dr. Peter Moran, Director of UW International Programs & Exchanges, visited Tokyo to serve on an expert panel and connect with University of Washington and Waseda University students at an event celebrating the exchange of students between the United States and Japan. At the panel discussion, Dr. Moran discussed the UW’s long history of student mobility to and from Japan and the UW’s special relationship with Waseda University. The UW is a worldwide leader in student exchange with Japan.

Dr. Moran, Delaney Lake, Ambassador Kennedy and Yuki Shimiya
Dr. Moran, Delaney Lake, Ambassador Kennedy and Yuki Shimiya
Dr. Moran connects with UW and Waseda students in Tokyo
Connecting with students in Tokyo

Ambassador Kennedy hosted a reception at her official residence after the event. UW student Delaney Lake, currently studying at Waseda University, and Waseda student Yuki Shimiya, who spent last year at the UW, joined Dr. Moran at the reception. Both students are part of the Waseda Global Leadership Program.

The Waseda Global Leadership Program is one example of the transformational student exchange experiences the UW offers. UW students in the program engage with a small cohort of Waseda exchange students spending the academic year at the UW. The following year, they study abroad at Waseda University.

The program engages students through academic reflection, experiential learning, and community service. Central to the impact and success of the program at the UW are strong campus partnerships. International Programs & Exchanges, UW Honors, and the Carlson Leadership & Public Service Center support the students in creating a learning community focused on leadership and service.