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Values Framework and Approach

To build a strong foundation for the work of the Task Force, the Values and Principles Work Group started by developing a values and principles framework:

  • Community values:
    • Academic and intellectual freedom
    • Academic, research, and professional integrity
    • Equity and inclusion
    • Ethical behavior, fairness, and respect
    • Individual and community well-being
    • Accountability to each other and then community as a whole
    • Learning and continuous improvement
  • Principles for dispute resolution processes:
    • Clear, equitable, fair, transparent, ethical, timely
  • Principles for dispute outcomes:
    • Efficacy, accountability, proportionality, education, alignment, and consistency.

The work group recognized that the success of the implementation of the new system will require that all those involved – faculty and administration – aspire to support and promote a culture consistent with these values and principles to achieve the projected benefits.

The approach for developing the framework and draft models included reviewing and incorporating:

  • Best practices adopted by peer institutions;
  • Principles and position papers published by the American Association of University Professors;
  • Evidence-based research on organizational justice and dispute resolution;
  • Extensive opportunities to gather feedback and input from University stakeholders; and
  • Requirements of state and federal laws and regulations.


Please contact the Secretary of the Faculty, Mike Townsend, with inquiries or input for the Task Force.