Working with Phase I Scholars in the Classroom

By Ryan and Emma, DO-IT Interns

This year at Summer Study we got to help the Phase I Scholars in the classroom, where they would work on projects, participate in sessions, and practice using their assistive technology during the day. We ensured that classes ran smoothly by answering questions and helping the Scholars complete their website.   

We learned that as Interns, we had to be patient when working with the Scholars. Sometimes we would have to explain something in multiple ways or repeatedly keep people on track with their work. We also jumped in to help where we could. Towards the end of the second week we also helped with their written projects by being interviewed and brainstorming.

Our favorite parts were getting to know the Scholars, helping teach, and seeing them learn. It was different going through the classes as observers. Our internship gave us a deeper understanding of the activities during Summer Study.