Where can I find information about the experiences of students with intellectual disabilities in college?

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There are many postsecondary learning opportunities for students with intellectual disabilities, and participants in these programs have a wide range of experiences.

The Threshold Program at Lesley University in Massachusetts is one of the oldest programs; students in the Threshold Program attend classes for two years while living on campus. The Associate Degree in Occupational and Life Skills (OLS) program at Bellevue College in Washington State is one of the first degree-conferring programs for students with intellectual disabilities. Students in the Venture Program commute to classes and can earn an associate degree. Other programs offer individual classes that emphasize life skills, recreational activities, or training for employment.

The ThinkCollege website provides a series called Students speak: Stories of postsecondary education, a collection of self-reports by students with intellectual disabilities who plan to attend, are currently attending, or who have attended postsecondary schools.

For more information about postsecondary options for students with intellectual disabilities see the DO-IT Knowledge Base article, Can students with intellectual disabilities attend college?