Where can I find electronic text versions of books for students who have visual impairments or other print disabilities?

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Each year increasing numbers of students with visual impairments and other print disabilities are requesting electronic text, commonly referred to as e-text, versions of books and other print-based media. Whether it be the latest version of a Biology textbook or Homer's the Iliad, finding e-text in a timely manner can be a challenge for educators.

Below are examples of Internet resources for both digital libraries, which contain public domain texts, and subscription-based libraries.

As you search for electronic texts, keep in mind that just because a text is available electronically does not assure that it is in a format that is accessible for people with visual and/or print disabilities. Many states are adopting accessible textbooks laws which include guidelines for acceptable accessible file formats. For more information on this topic visit Which states have accessible textbook laws and what do they say about file formats?